People tend to underestimate the power of video as a medium for the content strategy with questions like, is it worth the money, time, and effort? Can we not replace it with some other media channel? Or they call it a day after creating one-two video-based content. However, if truth be told, video marketing should be an integral part of your business strategy, employed at every stage of the consumer journey.

Besides, the extreme shrinkage of the human attention span to only 8 seconds results in consumers expecting fast answers and demanding instant results. Studies suggest that 95% of consumers retain information better when they see it in a video format.

Looking at the situation from a brand perspective, as consumers become more intelligent and less patient, it pays off better when people want to view the brand. On average, people watch 18 hours of online video content every week. According to an Animoto report from 2018, videos are consumers’ favorite type of content by brands on social media.

Now that you know the relevance of video content for the generic consumer, we bring you five ways through which video marketing can help your business.

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Video Content Will Boost Your Conversion Rates, ROI, and Sales.

Based on research by EyeView Digital, adding video-based content on the business landing page can increase conversions by 80%. Short, engaging, and compelling videos are of primary importance. On the other hand, even the simple task of including the word ‘video’ in your emails can potentially increase the open rates by 19%.

Video Marketing can also increase sales. Surveys reveal that 84% of people admit to being convinced to buy a product or service by watching a video by the brand or business. Additionally, 74% of marketers say that video-based content has increased their sales. And to validate that point even further, a vast majority of 90% of consumers admit that videos help them in their buying decisions.

Video Builds Trust Amongst The Consumers

We already know that marketing communication is majorly dependent on building trust and relationships. Videos allow consumers to feel more connected and help brands evoke deeper emotions, which will help personify the brand. Audio features like tone, music, voice, and visual aspects like color, brightness, saturation, etc., also make engaging the users simpler.

Here is another fun fact, it is psychologically more difficult for viewers to turn off a video than to stop reading text. Therefore, in comparison to text, video-based content always wins. In turn, this signifies that effective video content is superior to other media channels regarding the trust of consumers.

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Google Finds Video Content Superior

Video Content can help your website in achieving higher search engine ranks. Additionally, 87% of video marketers say that video-based content has successfully increased traffic to their websites.

Not only this, but video marketing will also decrease your website’s bounce rate. One of the most important factors that affect Google rankings is the amount of time the visitors spend on your website. Viewers tend to get compelled by videos and hence, end up scrolling deeper and spending longer durations of time on the mentioned website.

Apart from that, ensuring that your videos are also search-engine-optimized is highly beneficial. You can use engaging titles and descriptions. Along with that, you can also include links to your business website and product.

Videos Provide Better User Understandability

Studies suggest that approximately 96% of people have watched explainer videos to learn more about a product/service. Further validating this point, 94% of video marketers admit that video-based content has helped users understand their products/services better.

Hence, not only is video-based content easily digestible, but it is engaging. So much so that when asked how consumers would prefer to learn about a product/service, 64% say through short video formats.

Video Marketing Will Increase Shareability

Recent surveys suggest that people are twice as likely to share video content when compared to any other form of content – and that says something. Therefore, making your content more shareable will help your business reach a wider audience. Which, in turn, will promote your business with an added layer of credibility.


Video Marketing is slowly becoming more widespread as days pass. As long as your video content is creative, emotional, relatable, or humourous – People will love it. In fact, Facebook predicts that by the end of 2021, its content will be all video-based.

Just remember, video has immense scope to help your business. All you have to do is integrate it strategically for the best results.

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