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Brand Strategies

Brand strategy is the very root of building a concrete brand. It stands to be the crux of every successful brand making big in the market. An ideal brand strategy governs the value, image, brand positioning, purpose and the story of the brand. In order to bridge to connect between a customer and a brand, it is important to manifest the communication strategy. A strong brand strategy stands to be the ideal reason for getting the relevant engagement of a potential customer. We put the large chunk of our efforts into the thought process, analysis, market insights and method of evaluating the ROI.

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If you don’t go digital today, you will go obsolete tomorrow. Every customer looks for something in a brand that will make them feel constantly connected and deliver maximum benefits to them. Digital branding is all about figuring out how your brand will engage the most value to the customer online. We are branding professionals and we constantly keep in touch with the ongoing trends of the market. With our knowledge level and expertise in the space of website design, UI and UX app creation, digital content and more, we make your digital approach more audience savvy.

Corporate Branding

Corporate social responsibility has been made compulsory for all the companies in India today. Be it a start-up, small, medium or large scale business, it is their responsibility to give your share of contribution to the society. Corporate branding is thus a practice that requires understanding of a bigger macroeconomic picture. Not only do you have to look at a micro aspect of the company but the society as a whole. We help you infuse a brand culture in a unique manner which will impart a face value and attribute of the brand. We bring together the societal needs and organization aspect to develop a strong corporate identity in the market.

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Branding Related FAQ’s

A brand is the perceived identity of and emotional connection with your company and its products and services. A brand identity must be consistent and constant to be effective. You want unified branding in everything you do, from your company logo to your annual report—otherwise, your employees and prospects get mixed or conflicting information.

Brand recognition means more than receiving name mentions in front of potential customers; it’s about cultivating the desired perception and understanding of your brand among key audiences.

A benchmark assessment will help you measure and understand where your brand recognition is weak and why. To truly increase brand recognition, you should be prepared to make operational changes as well as marketing changes.

You can gain traction through increased marketing or updated messaging; try adding new tools, adopting new strategies and experimenting with new channels. Create opportunities that will help your audience help you spread the word, providing a geometric return on your investment.

You have an inherently built-in base of potential advocates in your employees. Fundamentals like this are often overlooked, but employees can be a great resource if you make it easy for them to spread the word. As you leverage your company’s mission, vision and values to talk about important business decisions or cultural choices in your office, employees can refer to this familiar messaging as a way to talk about your company with others. They don’t need to sell anything, just be visible and excited about your company.

To generate positive brand awareness, you need to give before you take. Companies often forget about the opportunity to build brand awareness by doing helpful work for the community and aligning the brand with good causes. Putting structure behind these philanthropic endeavors helps build culture, stronger employee bonds and brand awareness through association.

Your logo is just one piece of the puzzle that is your brand. Your logo is important, and it plays a significant role in your brand marketing because it’s the visual representation of your company. But it’s not your brand. Branding ties together all the elements of your marketing and advertising—including, but not limited to, your company logo.

When you work with Spot-On Branding, you can expect a partner in your success. We will talk about your company’s strengths, weaknesses, target audience, and goals. We’ll look at your current brand marketing and figure out what’s working, what’s not, and how to get on the right track. You won’t be lectured or ignored. On the contrary, you’ll be encouraged and treated as the brilliant entrepreneur you are. After all, you’ve come this far!

It used to be that all a business owner needed to be successful was a business card, a yellow pages ad, and a decent product or service. That won’t work anymore. Now you need a website, marketing collateral, brochures, and so much more.

Spot-On Branding ensures that your message to prospects is consistent and clear. Part of the brand-building process we help with is crafting marketing and advertising strategies to entice clients to buy—not just once, but as often as possible. If we can create raving fans, your business will be successful beyond your wildest dreams.

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