Tollywood (Telugu cinema) is a gold mine of creative talent spanning all domains, and the music arena is one of the most important among them.

From soul-stirring melodies to foot-tapping numbers, Telugu film industry possesses such a wide variety of talented singers who have won their success and fame only with their amazing, unforgettable voices. Top Singers in Telugu make the Indian entertainment industry more versatile.

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In this article, we will make a journey in the Tollywood music field and discover the leading male and female singers who with their magical voices gave the art of songs a new meaning.


S.P. Balasubrahmanyam:


A list of the topmost Telugu singers of all time would be incomplete without giving a place to the legend S.P. Balasubrahmanyam.

 Addressing him as the SPB, he happened to be a multi-faceted artist who brought to life a lovely voice for over five decades.

 His contribution to cinema is unique not only because he has sung thousands of songs but also for his experience in various song genres.

 He is known for his unique voice, he sings the song and brings out the emotion in the lyrics.

This is why he will always remain the favorite singer of all the music lovers.


  1. Susheela:

 P.Susheela, the ‘Nightingale’ of the South, has won a warm place in Telugu music hearts.

Her pristine voice and meticulous modulation are the factors that made her an oracle.

Her phenomenal career over several decades with her has affected tons of songs that have in the end moved most of the listeners emotionally.

 Numerous awards of national level helped her to gain excellence and P Susheela contribution to the art is unmatchable.



 Ghantasala Venkateswara Rao, popularly known as Ghantasala became a Maestro whose voice surpassed the barriers of time and space.

 Ghantasala was praised for his deep baritone voice and excellent emotional expression.

 He played his unforgettable masterpieces that will always belong to the most adorable era of music.

 His association with the best Music Directors of the time gave some of the most memorable number of Telugu movie songs.

 Although it’s been many years, the tunes of Ghantasala still create a feeling of nostalgia as well as adoration among the fans.



 S.Janaki, a distinguished and well-known playback singer in her own right, is unique for having a beautiful and smooth voice which is an irreplaceable element of cinema.

 She has served in the field for more than sixty years already.

 Nevertheless, her work in Telugu music stands as a milestone which she cannot be matched to.

 Due to the facility with which she transmits drama into her songs, ranging from joys and sorrows to hopes and fears, Janaki has bagged a huge number of supporters and state commendations over the years.

 From representing the melodies of classical to the tunes of beat music, her versatility still has the power to magic listeners of all generations.

K.J. Yesudas:

Kattassery Joseph Yesudas who is called K.J. Yesudas, the name that has become identified with the fitting expression in cinematic playback singing.

Not only that he could excel in classical music but he also sang an uncountable number of songs audios of which have become much-loved anthems in the Telugu cinema.

Being a gifted singer himself, with strong vocal cords and perfect tone, his voice is in high looks among the most impressive of all times.

Despite being a non-Telugu speaker, Yesudas’s tunes are admired by millions of minds citywide, who hold him in high regard.

He is a musician who continues to inspire aspiring singers and music lovers.


S.P. Sailaja: 

S.P. Sailaja, an eclectic and soulful singer is one of the singers that has entertained listeners with her soothing voice and exquisite flair for diversity.

Over a career that stretches decades, she sang in many languages.

Sufficiently, her contribution to the field of given music is without parallel.

Sailaja’s extended capability to put breadth into every legacy and her flawless vocal bravado have garnered her worldwide acclaim and various accolades.

Her style of singing remains fresh in the professional world and is an important factor for upcoming singers in the industry.



Audiences have come to believe that Mano’s vibrant voice has set new standards for Telugu playback singing and his tracks have now become a cult among the Telugu speaking people.

Most Famous Singer in Telugu, Mano has an extreme vocal range.

He is a master of adaptation and can make himself fit into various singing styles of the Tollywood industry.

Mano, as also known for his immortality has sung innumerable hits throughout his career.

No success in the music industry without the collaboration with leading music directors and composers as most of his songs became top charts hits that are still thrilling audiences.

It is Mano’s contribution to Telugu music that continues to be revealed and respected not only by his admirers in various continents but also by music scholars worldwide.


K.S. Chithra:

Among Tollywood Singers K.S. Chithra, a musician of excellence with golden voice and enchanting singing, has bewitched audiences with her soul filled melody.

She has crossed the stupendous thresholds of the career of a singing star and has now become one of the most established singers of Telugu films.

One of the most reputed Telugu Female Singers.

Chithra’s never-ending repertoire of songs and her way of bringing out the many emotions with her voice is truly, as is said, “unparalleled”.

Through her collaborations with the biggest music directors, she has not only but also become the reason for some of the most iconic songs ever in Tollywood.



In Telugu music components Hariharan is a separation.

One of the greatest Telugu Male Singers.

He has sung many Telugu music favorites that truly meet us through his profundity and his melodic ability.

Decades of career made him become the most popular song narrator and who has the voice singing many of his memorable songs that still comfort people in their hearts.

Hariharan is a multi-faceted singer who has a rare knack of communicating deep emotions in each song and his ability to straddle different musical styles makes him immensely popular and honored with innumerable awards.

His contribution to Telugu music is celebrated by music lovers worldwide.


Shreya Ghoshal:

Shreya Ghoshal who is popularly nicknamed as the Queen of Playback singing has rendered us with her effervescent voice and her talent to perform in myriad styles of music.

Famous Telugu Singers include her without a speck of doubt.

After a long list of awards and achievements, it is a matter of fact that she is one of the brightest female singers of Tollywood.

Ghosal not only enunciates but also through the range of emotions she conveys, she gives us all a reason to follow her nuanced performances ever so intently.

As she continues to enrich its musical panorama, she can be regarded as a vital contributor to the film industry.




Tollywood’s musical universe is an amazing one portrayed by wonderful singers, whose voices have added a botanic opulence to the industry’s compositions.

They lead from the ordinary to the graceful just as they have made the difference in the music world with the soul-awakening hits and by being accurate performers.

While we witness what they contributed, let us not forget to express appreciation and emblematic melodies which never have grown old in millions of people from around the world music lovers.

Who are some Top Telugu Singers?

Here are the names of some Telugu Top Singers:


  1. S.P. Balasubrahmanyam
  2. P. Susheela
  3. Ghantasala
  4. S. Janaki
  5. K.J. Yesudas
  6. S.P. Sailaja
  7. Mano
  8. K.S. Chithra
  9. Hariharan
  10. Shreya Ghoshal
Who are some of the Female singers in Telugu?

Here are some of the Telugu Singers Female Names,


  1. S.P. Sailaja
  2. K.S. Chithra
  3. S. Janaki
  4. Shreya Ghoshal
  5. K.S. Vasundhara
  6. Sunitha Upadrashta
  7. Geetha Madhuri
  8. Chinmayi Sripada
  9. Malavika
  10. Ramya Behara
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