The digital marketing industry is bursting with opportunities as it remains highly untapped by professionals.

If you are applying for a job in the industry, you must understand that companies are looking for exceptional candidates who know what they are getting into and promise

Here are 10 Interview Questions and their Answers:

1. Why do you feel drawn to the Digital Marketing industry?

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This is where you show your full commitment and enthusiasm for the industry.

The first step towards giving your prospective employer a reason to hire you.

Talk about the potential you see in Digital Marketing in the near and long-term future.

The answer to this question is in your passion and respect for the field, which needs to shine.

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2. How will your experience benefit our organisation?

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Study the background of the organisation you want to be a part of.

Have your personal work experiences organised and relate them to the organisation’s needs.

Talk about the skills you have honed over time and how they will be beneficial to the organisation.

Above all, this is where you convince them as to why they should invest in you.

3. What suggestions do you have for our current digital marketing practices?

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This is where the interviewers will get a whiff about your vision and management skills.

First of all do detailed research about the company’s past and current digital marketing strategies.

Make note of what you would do if you were in charge.

Keep it a mix of to the point appraisal and tasteful criticism.

Referencing your details will show how focused and analytical you are.

You must make the company realize subconsciously that they need you.

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4. What different niches of digital marketing are you aware of and which one do you specialise in?

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The various niches of digital marketing are Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and E-commerce Marketing.

It’s good to be prepared to know the basic premise of each of the types as the interviewer may dig in deep.

If you don’t have an official specialisation then tell them about the niche you are most comfortable with.

Hence, if they cross-question, you are prepared.

5. How will you determine whether your digital marketing campaigns are a success or not?

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Firstly, the company needs to track leads or conversations to determine the success of its digital campaign.

Analyse the overall site traffic and lookout for new and returning traffic.

A good campaign maintains the returning traffic and attracts a new one.

Compare your mobile traffic with your non-mobile one and keep track of their usage.

Also, remember to study the time spent and page views per visit.

Using metrics such as Click-Through Rate (CTR), Conversion Rate

Quality Score one can evaluate the performance of the campaign or website.

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6. How to improve your conversion rates?

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Conversion rate is the ratio of total number of visitors to the number of visitors who perform desired actions.

Successful conversions differ from business to business, but some tips remain common.

The content on the site should be relevant to the keyword or search query.

Maintaining proper relevance between ads and corresponding landing pages is imperative.

Check the design of your landing pages to make it aesthetic and attractive to the consumer.

The actions you want the consumer to take such as registering, signing up, or purchasing should be very smooth.

Personalized suggestions are a great touch.

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7. How to effectively increase traffic on your website?

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Increasing website traffic should be done with a proper combination of tactics.

Paid search and advertising can work fine, but along with its content marketing, content optimization, keyword SEO, guest blogging, and social media engagement should be invested in.

There’s seeking referral traffic, email marketing, and internal linking as well.

The key is keeping in mind how to give the customer the best experience, to ensure trust.

8. How do you keep yourself updated with the latest news of the digital marketing industry?

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Some great ways to keep yourself aware of the trends of the industry are following the right blogs, attending webinars by industry experts, observing big brands, social listening, using tools

like Moz Forecasts, Google Trends and Google Alerts, Join groups, and form communities.

Talk about your personal experience or process with these tools and tips with relevant examples.

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9. What are the limitations of digital marketing and how to tackle them?

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Digital Marketing strategies are often challenged by technology failures, security and privacy issues, oversaturated internet negative feedback, and trust issues with users.

While some limitations don’t have a cure yet, you can work on the others.

By organising and optimising your campaign through audience segmentation, influencer collaboration, diverse SEOs, and focusing on consumer experience you can make the best out of a tough situation.

Sync your online presence with your physical capacity in order to provide a seamless service.

10. What are the most important qualities of a good digital manager?

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Along with business acumen and technical knowledge, a digital manager or marketer needs to be adaptable and improvisational.

Digital platforms are ever-changing with new trends and evolved algorithms.

Therefore it is important for the manager to be able to solve the problem quickly and creatively.

All the Analytics tools are useless if the operator cannot comprehend them.

An important quality to have is being able to understand data and on the other hand, apply the understanding of real-life improvements.

Digital marketing takes time to show results, hence marketers should be extremely patient and persistent.

Working with a team needs to be effective and productive, hence a good digital manager should be communicative and cooperative.

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