The trend of digital marketing is increasing day by day just like the Indian population. With the growth in the digital marketing industry, the potential and the career opportunities in the field are also tremendously growing. Many students are moving towards the digital marketing bandwagon. However, companies mostly hire experienced professionals or people who have undergone a certain course or training for digital marketing. To cater to the demands of digital marketing courses, a number of educational institutions, digital marketing agencies and organizations have now started various digital marketing courses both online and offline. Check out the different kind of digital marketing courses available including, online, offline, distance and classroom courses:

Classroom & Offline Courses for digital marketing

Below mentioned are the options for classroom and hybrid training programs that are conducted by different institutes in India offering digital marketing courses and workshops:


Indian Institute of Digital Education is located in Mumbai. It is a reputed institution that offers two different digital marketing courses and full-stack programming. The digital marketing course is designed for fresher to introduce them to the world of digital marketing in depth and help them to gain their expertise through the existing and comprehensive knowledge. The course is divided into 6 month period and classes are conducted thrice a week. Independent certification courses are classes are conducted for three hours in one week of duration.

The 6 monthly program gives a thorough knowledge and understanding of the technicalities of digital marketing and various other practical aspects of web development and coding. There are two centres in Mumbai for IIDEA. One is located in Andheri and another in Jai Hindi College which provides 100 per cent placement opportunities to all the students across different digital marketing agencies and top social media marketing agencies in Mumbai.

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In association with the Digital marketing institute of Ireland, NIIT Imperia offers a professional diploma in digital marketing for both graduates and professionals. They have multiple centres in different metropolitan cities in India. Further Education and training awards council (FETAC) of Ireland has accredited this course. NIIT also offers other two digital marketing programs for professionals for some advanced insight into the digital marketing strategy. The two digital marketing strategy is from IIM Lucknow and another executive program for digital media strategy from IIM Calcutta. Both of these courses are 6 months long and are peculiarly designed for graduates and working professionals.


Located in Mumbai, a Digital marketing training institute also conducts a post-graduate program for digital marketing. The course spans for one year with the full-time program and focuses on all the practical and strategic aspects of digital marketing. They run active placement cells for helping the participants get jobs in the digital marketing area.


EduPristine stands to be India’s one of the leading training providers which give out the international certifications for Finance, Analytics and Accounting. They conduct their digital marketing courses in a total of 11 Indian cities. The total course offers a complete 60 hours of digital marketing classroom training including 12 Sundays. They also have a total of 48-hour online courses which is spread of 6 weekends in total. Once you complete this course, you will be awarded a certificate of excellence in collaboration with the Microsoft IT program.

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Delhi School of internet carries out an advanced digital marketing live classroom course for digital marketing. The course is articulated for graduates, job seekers, working professional and even business owners. They have their training centres located in Bangalore and Delhi. They have various online instructors that help in organizing courses over weekends. No completion certificate is provided.

Social Samosa

Social Samosa is one popular information portals and social media news portal in India that conducts various seminars and workshops for the basics of different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. They have various one-day sessions for imparting basic knowledge in the field of social media.

Indian School of Business, Hyderabad

ISB Hyderabad organized a 3-day executive program for digital marketing which is titled “Digital and Social media marketing strategies”. The course fee is priced at Rs.1, 00,000 plus GST. They target professionals have been in the field of marketing and strategy domains for the past few years. The program comprehensively aims to cover all the digital media marketing social media strategies.

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Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore

IIM Bangalore is one of the biggest business and management schools in the country. It offers a program called “Digital marketing for business growth” course multiple times in their academic year. The program covers various aspects of digital marketing, elements of social media marketing channels, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, digital analytics and more. if you want a thorough knowledge of all the key elements, this course will give you a better insight into particulars like conversions, leads, engagement and more. They have various metrics for measuring the performance of digital campaigns as well.

Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow

IIM Lucknow also organizes programs on Digital marketing by its renowned professor Moutusy Maity. She has carried out extensive research in the field of CRM, e-commerce, m-commerce and more. She has worked with various industries at Nielsen and has dealt with clients like Pepsico, Eveready batteries and more. This course will provide you with first-hand experience knowledge by the expert herself.

Online Digital Marketing Courses in India

Apart from the classroom courses, there are many distance learning and online courses in India for digital marketing and social media marketing:

Digital Vidya

Digital Vidya stands to be Asia’s leading digital marketing training company. They were the first ones to launch the series of Social media marketing course series in India. They claim to have involved the participation of over 20,000 professionals and students from over 10,000 different organizations and institutions like Reliance, Cisco, GM, Toyota, CNBC, NIIT, eBay, Google, Philips, SAP, ITC, IIM Lucknow and more. They have undertaken more than 1200 digital marketing training programs in India. Apart from Digital marketing, they also offer various certification programs in mobile marketing, social media programs, v-skills and more. They also offer a free weekly digital marketing orientation sessions for beginners who can understand the working of digital marketing. Apart from the certificate courses and programs, they also have an active placement cell for digital marketing offering employment opportunities for their alumni.

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Manipal ProLearn

Another reputed organization Manipal Global Education services also offer comprehensive online and classroom run digital marketing. The online certification program will span for over 30 hours of total learning. It will cover different aspects of digital marketing like ORM, SEM, SEO, and analytics. If you are also interested in learning Google Adwords, advanced online marketing techniques or more you can opt for their digital marketing and professional program as well. It is a joint certification course by Manipal Pro Learn in partnership with Google India. They enhance e-learning, classroom training, and other live projects experience.


MICA or Mudra Institute of communication, Ahmedabad is one of the biggest creative communication schools in the country. They have partnered with Upgrad for tutoring young professionals and help them turn into marketing leaders. They have a PG certification course in Digital marketing and communication which covers various aspects of digital marketing like content marketing, social media marketing, market analysis, branding and more. The course goes on for 6.5 months and includes mentoring from various experts in the industry.


In a partnership with MICA, Talentedge provides a format for a specialized executive program. This course is ideal for beginners and other working professionals. In the past few years, they have reached more than 8, 00,000 registered learners who have gotten better at digital marketing with the course. They have learned and benefitted fro4m case studies, live lectures, content structure and more by the industry experts themselves.


Simplilearn is one of the popular learning platforms for professional’s certification and online training programs. They have a total number of 30 courses for digital marketing which gives a first-hand experience of the domains. All their courses are accredited by OMPC and help the working professionals to be ahead in their relevant digital skills.

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Internet & Mobile Research Institute (IMRI)

A Bangalore based institution, Internet and Mobile research is a full service international digital media and training centre. IMRI conducts various courses for executive programming in SEO, SMM, Web analytics and PPC advertising. The duration of the executive program course is one month. They also have a one-year long graduate program for beginners and students to start their career in digital marketing.


Along with a partnership with Digital Vidya, the AIMA also offers a join certification program for digital marketing and analytics. They include various digital marketing tools like SEO, SMM, email marketing, affiliate marketing, mobile marketing, digital display, social media analytics and more. The duration of the course is about 3 months and is divided into 6 modules. The total costing of the course is 36,000 plus service tax.

Things to consider before selecting a digital marketing course

There are many courses available both online and offline for digital marketing courses but before selecting any course, there is a certain point that one must take into consideration:


Certification courses are great for adding to the CV. It validates the completion of the course. Most of the companies’ lookout for the candidates who have completed a course in digital marketing or so. If you want to be recognized by a brand, organization, institution or cooperate; opt for a certification course.

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Check out the curriculum, the different training modules, and faculty expertise to know how the course is going to help you. Also, check it is going to be relevant to the latest industry trends and practices.


Check for recommendations and reviews in different educational portals. Consult the industry experts and students alumni who have completed the course. The more feedback and reviews you get, it will be easier for you to take the decision.


Many institutions, organization or cooperates that provide the digital marketing course, also have an active placement cell. They have tie-ups with different companies and agencies and provide almost 100 per cent placement record for their students.

After you have considered the time, purpose, relevancy and finance-related factors for the course, you can select the most appropriate and suitable one that fits all your needs and requirement. If you are a student wanting to start a professional career in digital marketing, completing a digital marketing course is extremely helpful for enhancing your knowledge as well as adding up to your CVs. Also, if you are a working professional, a digital marketing course will give you a better insight into the industry and ongoing trends


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