We have discussed in one of our previous blogs the power of social media for businesses. However, there are some businesses that make the most out of social media and ace the game. Some people know social media just as the evolution of mankind while some go beyond the generic outlook of people by looking at it in a prudent way and acting accordingly. Social media marketing is proved to be any time better than traditional methods for all businesses, nevertheless, there are some industries that are better suited for social media marketing. 

Here is a list of industries that have mastered social media marketing:

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Real Estate:

The era of yellow pages has long gone. Its the time for social media to perform its wonders. While real estate needs a platform where properties need a huge audience base, social media serves it on the plate quite easily for you. Brokers, property managers, agents have witnessed the benefits it has to offer. Apart from having the attention of the audience, it also proves to be more lucrative than traditional business methods. ‘For sale’ signs are now outdated techniques for real estate advertising, ‘Facebook’, however, is what it takes to sell property, simply by creating highly targeted advertisements and asking people or influencers to share the same on their personal handle would assist in reaching out a large number of audience. Apart from Facebook, Instagram is also conductive once you’ve aimed at the right audience! 

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We all know that entertainment in order to be successful needs to reach out to a substantial number of audiences. Social media comes naturally to the field of entertainment. From enticing imagery of actors to behind the scenes to movie trailers, the audience likes to have a sneak peek at everything through social networking sites. You can follow up with your favorite actors or YouTubers content and also keep up with the latest trend. To summarize, social media is a hub for actors to keep up with their fans and also for the audience to keep themselves entertained.

Health and Fitness:

Videos surfacing on the internet about fitness, have done wonders to people who were in much need of fitness trainer’s advice. This field also demands personal attention and should be done in the right manner but this is where there arise some limitations to it. However, conveying knowledge by fitness gurus and enthusiasts on the digital platform will be of great help if it is done in the right manner. The implementation part by the viewers shall also be done carefully.

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When we talk about education today, it is more than books and field visits. Digitalized learning has made life easier for students. In the class of 64 students or more. Giving personal attention to everyone in a time span of 30-40 minutes is nearly impossible. Communication becomes easier and learning becomes exciting and fun.whenever there is a fun quotient added to anything, children are quick to respond and at the same time enjoy it. Teachers and children understand the value of going social by sharing information which empowers them to collaborate effectively.


From ordering food online to surfing aesthetic and cool cafes for an outing, the social platform has it all served for us. There are few restaurants that fail to monitor and operate their website but on the other end, there are Eateries that are using social media for the viral campaign and posting captivating pictures. Its a hub for all the food lovers. Most of the eateries are getting recognition through social media platforms which is rather time-consuming by traditional methods. 

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Lifestyle and travel:

Typical brand marketing is something that cannot stand the power of social media. It has helped people to travel the world through digital experience and enjoy the diversity that prevails all over the world. Companies related to travel and tourism generate user-related content on social media and utilize it. It also influences like-minded people who are travel freaks and create a community wherein people from around the world can share their travel stories and about their lifestyles. 


Technology is as dynamic as it gets, people have their eyes always fixed on the latest trends in technology and never miss out on what new the industry has to offer. This is the perfect piece that fits in social media marketing. And social media provides all the useful information, tech enthusiasts are eager to know. Thus this industry can show off everything from providing useful tips to boasting about the peculiarity of the device.

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Social media becomes an ideal platform for retail businesses to showcase their product and provide information about the same in creative ways that intrigue the target audience. Once you have the attention of complete strangers, it won’t take time to change them into customers by creative marketing. 

The success in social media marketing mainly circulates around getting more traffic to your website, improving personal relations with customers, increasing visibility to growing your audience & brand recognition, and many more…

The usefulness of social media marketing varies from industry to industry, however, everyone and anyone can establish social media presence and expand their scope of work through social media as it is the largest platform where one gets recognized and have a huge scope to grow and influence. Remember that good content always wins hearts and definitely the internet. There is nothing to lose by giving it a try. 

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