The wave of Digital India was started by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. His vision is to make India go digital adhering to the pace of technological advancement in the world. He has kept the younger generation in mind and is transforming the development accordingly. The focus is not just to make people aware of the digital medium, but also use it in an appropriate manner to spread awareness and educate people more. Overall, the goal is to increase the literacy rate and decrease the poverty rate in our country.

India is immensely populated and while the nation is growing at a rapid speed. There are tons of problems that are keeping the people of the nation at a backseat. Illiteracy, poverty, and unemployment are some of the major issues. With the digital India push, the future appears to be a little better than the vague vision before. Many new opportunities have arisen because of the digital India movement. The best part about the digital world is that it does not need any physical labour.

In order to move towards making India digital, digital marketing is playing an important role as a catalyst. It is reforming the economic status of our country with various employment opportunities. Digital marketing provides a platform for every individual to do big. The fact that it does not require any hardcore investment pushes even the small scale business to grow and flourish in the long run. Even an illiterate person sitting in a faraway village can start his/her business with a mobile phone and internet connection. All the housewives who cannot go out of the house can get all the work done through the internet.

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Everybody who wants to sell can do so through digital marketing platforms. There are so many social media platforms that can help you curate digital media strategy to carry out a business professionally. Digital media has taken over the print media and how!

The boom of the virtual marketing world is not here to calm down for a very long time now. Every other person in the country has a mobile phone. From a naïve first time user to a professional tech-savvy, each of us is making the most out of this internet era.

Digital marketing is easy, affordable, convenient and moreover beneficial for all. It is impacting the movement of digital India on a large scale and for all the right reasons. Check out a few reasons as to how digital marketing is impacting digital India today.

Transformation of traditional and conventional marketing

Digital marketing has changed the face of traditional marketing. The former was limited to print media and word of mouth. It also required lots of investment, energy, and manpower to promote products. The latter, however, is more effective and takes a lot less time, money and manpower.

Advertising has always played a major role in selling a business. If you have a product, the first step is to make people aware of it. Once you are able to get their attention, you can move on to retaining them. Overall, customer satisfaction is the most important objective of every business. Earlier people did not have access to the kind of information we have today. Witnessing the change of billboards to digital display ads and newspapers to new applications is a big one. The traditional marketing techniques have not shut down completely. But they have mostly integrated and modified with time with the digital trend. Conventional agencies are now using digital marketing techniques to engage the audience.

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Digital era is the new era

Every person around the globe is going gaga over the digital storm. The rate of start-up launch has increased tremendously through digital marketing. The ease of using this technique is the major reason for the success of digital marketing techniques.

All strategic digital marketing methods are effective, powerful, and economical. They are also matching with the contemporary mechanisms of various mediums. The proven social media platforms have now become the whole and sole of digital marketing.

Government backs up the Digital India movement with various initiatives

Digital India was a government-initiated program. They are transforming the basic ecosystem of public service. This transformation is carried out by using information technology for the government. This might be successful in the urban and semi-urban areas of the country. But for the rural places, the opportunities are not as many as the metro cities. Our government has come up with various employment programs through digital marketing.

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The e-marketplace has witnessed rapid growth for the past few years. People in India are taking their time to get used to the technology. Once they get acquainted, they heavily rely on it for their daily lifestyle.

The government has been generous enough to be a helping hand in this revolution. They are coming up with various digital India initiatives. These projects are encouraging the youth of this country to make the best use of digital platforms. Digital marketing has been a great blessing in this entire process for both the government and the users.

Global market reach

An ad publishes from a secluded rural area in India can be visible to customers sitting in Australia. The best part about digital marketing trends is the fact that is can easily go beyond the geographical boundaries of the country. There are numerous platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more in the digital media. Through these, you can reach out to the audience of various corners in the world. You can operate your business and clients in the U.S.A by sitting in the comfort of your house. With digital marketing solutions, cater to the needs of the larger audience.

New digital marketing course and advertising academies

There are plenty of digital marketing courses offered in the country both online and offline. This is a major step in educating people towards learning digital marketing into greater depths. Many institutions have now expanded and diversified their courses for digital marketing. All these courses can be distance learning or residential course. MICA is one of the topmost colleges in the country offering certification programs in digital marketing. It also offers various other courses in advertising and branding. Even digital marketing agencies are now coming up with their own courses and academies. They aspire to teach the basics of digital marketing to prospect students without any age barrier.

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Rural and semi-rural areas getting exposed to the digital platforms

Large metro cities and urban towns are already exposed to the digital economy. The goal is to make semi-urban and rural people understand the scope of digital marketing and get them acquainted with the same. With the help of government and digital marketing initiatives, many startups are now launched globally. The best part about the digital media platform is the fact that it is spontaneous with immediate results. Once you have uploaded something on a social media platform, you will be able to record the engagement, responses, and insights accordingly. Anybody can become an overnight star if the content hits the right chord in the web portal.


It is needless to say that print advertising costs a bomb. The rates of one ad on the front page of the newspaper will cost you over a lakh and so. When compared to digital marketing, the approach towards marketing and advertising has become extremely affordable and reasonable. Even sponsored ads and promotions on various social media platforms cost some amount. But you can customize your ad according to your budget and increase it with time after checking the response.

Digital marketing vs. traditional marketing: what’s the difference

Higher engagement rate

People heavily rely on social media platforms for their everyday routine. They are more exposed to the digital world than the conventional print media. Therefore, the engagement rate is much higher in digital marketing services.

Users are constantly looking for content to get entertained and social media platforms cater to all their needs. Starting from booking a cab, flight tickets, ordering food, buying shares and even paying tax, everything is possible with a few clicks. If you understand different digital marketing tools and digital marketing techniques, you can easily accelerate the engagement of your content online. Thus, since people are getting their needs satisfied in a lot more convenient way through digital marketing, it is accelerating the goal of digital India.

The increased number of internet users

The rise of digital media users has noticed an imminent rise in the past few years. People using the internet are growing day by day. The number is predicted to be doubled in the coming years. The rate at which people are turning towards digital media is high and within a few years, the dependency will be more. This is the right time to enter the digital marketing space in order to reap the most out of the boom.

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Digital classifieds market revenue

The revenue generated from digital classifieds is expected to be five times more than the present statistic in the coming years. Digital marketing has provided multiple employment opportunities for people with varied career options. All Indian businesses have created a separate section and team for handling their digital marketing strategy. They aim to make people more aware of their products and services. A good digital marketing strategy will put your business in the global market. Even for individuals, digital marketing plays an important role in helping them create a job profile and find more opportunities for themselves.

The dynamics of digital media is transforming with time. Today, it stands to be one of the most powerful marketing tools on a global platform. The Internet has made the world available on a screen today. If you want to be updated with the happenings around the world, you must adapt to the changes and blend accordingly. Be it an individual or a business entity. Digital marketing impacts the digital India movement heavily. If you want to excel in the future, digital marketing is the platform to invest your time, efforts and energy.

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