Case Study of

Thanks to content marketing, the client has expanded to 6 states

– Case Description

Coming from the house of mining mammoths “Ashapura Group” they required a strategy to build awareness for their latest brand creation specializing in building materials and chemicals.


Since the industry is majorly online, they required a cost-effective solution to build a basic brand presence online which helps them not only to be able to rank in google searches but also be able to attract and hire new talent and build distributor chains.


The solution was simple! Cotton required an effective launch strategy that could sync well with its offline endeavors. We suggested they follow content marketing for just 3 months and utilize platforms like Linkedin and advised them to focus on offline efforts instead, for which we helped them to produce marketing materials like brochures, standees, invites to seminars, etc.

Final Result

The organization started in one state and within 3 months, because of the right focus on budgets and a supportive digital strategy managed to build awareness and spread its wings to 6 states as of now.