Case Study of

Rebranding an Educational Institute through Video Marketing

– Case Description

A university in a particular region was struggling with bad word of mouth due to poor management, resulting in a decline in admissions and inquiries.


We were approached by a university that had a negative reputation in the surrounding regions due to poor management by previous officials. The university wanted to shake off this negative image and rebuild its reputation.


After analyzing the industry's demographics and psychographics, we discovered that the young audience in the surrounding regions consumed a lot of social media and YouTube content and were deeply influenced by the entertainment industry. Hence, we proposed a series of 32 videos that would showcase the university in a positive light. These videos included an overview of the university, the journey of a student from entering the university to graduating, student interviews in various regional dialects, faculty and management interviews, and a video showcasing the amenities and student life on campus.

We assembled a crew of 15 people and shot on the university campus for six days, followed by a month of post-production.

Final Result

As soon as the videos were released, the university saw a rise in local word of mouth among the young audience in the region. The university used the videos for marketing and even displayed them in their reception areas for parents and students to see. As a result, the university saw a 3x increase in admissions and a 6x increase in inquiries in the following academic year.