Case Study of

Launching 3 International Alcobev Brands in India

– Case Description

An importer was bringing three unknown international alcohol and beverage brands to India and needed to generate awareness and demand in a limited budget.


An importer brought in three unique and unknown alcohol brands to India exclusively. They needed to generate awareness and demand for these brands on a limited budget.


As performance marketing can be challenging in the alcohol sector, we opted for content marketing on social media to build brand image and increase awareness. We began with physical marketing materials like banners and posters in alcohol shops and moved onto product shoots and interactive reels. From there, we implemented influencer marketing to get the product in the hands of our target audience. Although getting followers was a challenge, we managed to generate organic impressions and leads, ultimately inducing demand in the market.

Final Result

Our strategy resulted in over 5 million impressions on Instagram for all three brands combined, successfully launching the brands and boosting sales with a limited budget. Overall, it was a win-win situation for everyone involved.