Case Study of

Improving Hiring and Talent Retention through LinkedIn Marketing

– Case Description

A 60-year-old company was finding it challenging to attract and retain top talent and was looking for ways to modernize its recruitment and HR processes.


We were approached by a 60-year-old company that was struggling to attract top talent and retain its existing workforce. The company had been relying on traditional methods and wanted to modernize its approach to appeal to the younger generation's mindset.


Our solution was to implement content marketing on LinkedIn to reflect the company's existing culture and values. The HR department was able to leverage this strategy to not only attract new talent but also boost motivation and engagement among the existing workforce. We created content buckets that included employee appreciation, news updates, latest achievements, and celebrations.

As a result, the company saw a significant improvement in conversion rates when onboarding new talent and better traction in sales. Prospects were able to see the company's values better, which developed more trust in the sales force. Additionally, the company's LinkedIn profile went from zero to 3K followers in just six months, resulting in increased employee engagement and internal marketing.

Final Result

In conclusion, by adapting to the new generation's mindset and implementing LinkedIn marketing, the company was able to improve its hiring and talent retention efforts while also boosting sales and employee engagement.