Case Study of

How We Successfully Launched a Cement Brand in Maharashtra Region through B2B and Regional Marketing

– Case Description

A new cement brand needed to create awareness and boost B2B sales in the Maharashtra region.


Our objective was to create brand awareness and boost B2B sales for a newly launched cement brand in Maharashtra region.


We decided to implement a blend of physical and digital marketing strategies. We leveraged catchy slogans and developed an eye-catching brand mascot called Chipku to create a strong brand identity. We started by running advertisements on Mumbai local and BST buses to reach a wide audience. We also created various animations and videos that were featured on local news channels and used in exhibitions to attract more eyeballs. Offline marketing material like brochures and flyers were used to reach out to various distributors and expand our sales network.

In addition, we used LinkedIn as a content marketing platform to promote our brand. Our communication style for Chipku, combined with topical hashtags, helped us communicate our unique selling propositions and generate interest from potential distributors.

Final Result

Within just three months, our campaign generated enough content to grow the brand in the Maharashtra region and expand to other regions as well. LinkedIn proved to be an effective tool to generate queries for distributor networks, and the offline marketing material helped our sales team to reach out to the right distributors and grow our sales network. Overall, our marketing efforts successfully created awareness for the brand and boosted B2B sales in the region.