Case Study of

How we helped a hotel sell out

– Case Description

A series of row houses in Lonavala, Maharashtra struggled to make B2C sales after losing a corporate contract that was supporting their stable sales.


Since the retreat house was leased to a big corporate from the beginning, it lacked awareness in the market and had next to no experience in B2C sales. Also, the retreat faced strong competition from the newer resorts in the area offering room for cheaper prices.


The brand required awareness as well a strong USP to be able to cut through the noise and make sales. After competitor research, we suggested the owner market the resort as pet friendly and upon their agreement, we conducted a photoshoot depicting the resort in a better light. Established a basic social media presence and marketed it with targeted advertisements with the dog-friendly USP.

Final Result

With just our first advertisement campaign and a media budget of just Rs 10,000 the resort sold out for a week within 5 days of advertising. The set was saved and was run as and when sales were required, pretty simple right?