Case Study of

End to end branding and marketing for a unique Indian Restaurant

– Case Description

We intercepted paths with the brand in the early stages and became part of the journey as we resonated ideas with the founder of this unique chain of restaurants and cloud kitchen.


The founder wanted to bring his artistic vision to life and required an agency with worked with full ownership and could solve all the problems under one roof, Marketing Mojito succeeded to impress and pave the way forward.


We provided a bunch of services for Poori Baatein, starting from developing the brand's voice inspired by pop art culture. It was a challenging project overall considering the design requirements and the tone of the brand. Once the brand identity was in place, we worked on the marketing materials and other design requirements of the brand like packaging, menu, pamphlets, posters, logo animations etc. Thereafter a launch strategy for the social media followed by an aggressive influencer marketing campaign.

Final Result

We crossed 1000 followers on Instagram within the first month and reached out to over 1 million impressions with the help of 50 food influencers. Overall a successful brand launch.