Case Study of

How we prepared a manufacturing company for export

– Case Description

E-square is a very niche and profitable business, making safety equipment for all kinds. From construction sites to public places. Their patented technology is in high demand over the globe.


• The company had explored its complete potential in terms of the traditional marketing and sales models and the growth curves became stagnant after 15 years of running a successful and highly profitable business.

• They had the resources the explore the digital means of growth but wanted to keep their risks of exploring the digital means to the minimum.


We provided digital media consultancy and helped them build a team of freshers keeping their expenses to the minimum. Built a strategy and guided the team on weekly basis as well.

Final Result

With minimum money and time invested from the management, the company was able to achieve the following:

• Establish a 360* presence on the internet, enabling potential customers to approach the company easily and place orders.
• The organisation was able to spread its wings and spread to over 120 countries across the globe, drastically increasing its sales.
• The new branding and online presence helped boost the confidence of the sales teams and impacted the overall conversion ratios as well.