Case Study of

Developed a web app that increased sales by 90%

– Case Description

KCP caters to a very niche market of precision equipment and comes from a well-established background. The brand has been growing steadily offline with traditional methods but the pandemic challenges them to look towards digital methods to continue the growth curve.


Since the brand was completely offline, the sales journey of the customers was not as fast as the company would have liked and also the visibility of the brand was minuscule. They required digital to cross borders aggressively.


After carefully analyzing the business we came up with a strategy to create a web app that completely automates the price calculation of extremely complicated products with an input of more than 20 data points for any given product, to give the end user a price quote almost instantaneously and cutting down the sales process from roughly 2 weeks to 20 seconds. Along with an international standard website optimized SEO services to reach every potential customer.

Final Result

The web app took more than 18 months to develop considering the complex calculations, the company is currently supplying to 90 countries now and has helped not only its sales team optimize its strategy and save time but has also resulted in higher conversion rates.