Case Study of

Complete Hospital Branding and Marketing

– Case Description

A newly opened hospital in the upcoming area of Airoli, Mumbai. Set to start it’s journey to aid the society.


All the promoters of the hospital came from core medical background and had no idea how to bring more footfall to the hospital and were also worried about breaking any law by the Indian Medical Association. They wished for someone reliable to take care of not only the medical marketing laws but to also give them the right cost effective guidance to be able to scale up.


Marketing Mojito came into the picture and pitched their vision for the growth of the hospital.

We not only gave them the right guidance but all the list of possible services under one roof. Branding of the hospital, website, content, social media presence, SEO, google reviews management, regular supply of marketing material, presentations, videos etc.

We helped build a custom automated accounting system as well to cut down their costs and time to process the invoices later on.

We were especially cautious with the Medical Marketing rules and regulations and made sure to

Final Result

Indravati Hospital and Research center is now a well-known hospital in the area of Navi Mumbai and has had consistent success to be able to manage to open another hospital in Mumbai within 3 years of opening the first one. It has been an immense pleasure to be a part of the Indravati Family.