Case Study of

How we used influencer marketing to spread the word

– Case Description

A small scale 3D printed startup approached us to take over their social media marketing in the early stages, the target was the establish a brand presence and boost the sales of their 3D printers and 3d printed products.


Within 2 months of initiation of the social media marketing services, the pandemic hit and the company had to pause all operations and was scared that they would not be able to sustain the operational costs and would soon be dissolved.


We encouraged the company to not lose hope and utilize the opportunity to help others with their unique technology and gain exposure as the whole world came to still and social media saw a sudden rise in traffic.

The innovative founders came up with the idea to print 3D printed shields while we supported boson to distribute these shields to our existing healthcare clients and market the innovation over social media.

Final Result

What started as an idea became a revolution. We printed 100 shields initially and created social media posts about the same. We wanted to test the waters and see how many people actually needed it as well. The response from our existing network was so good that we dig in deeper and took on influencer marketing to spread the word.