Case Study of

How we transformed a traditional art school into a digital one

– Case Description

A new upcoming art school came to us in the middle of the pandemic, struggling to make ends meet and to be able to switch from an offline business to online due to the situation.


The business was completely offline pre-pandemic. Although they were able to take online classes with tools like zoom becoming popular but had no idea how to do sales online and were seeking guidance to be able to transform and digitalize the business without investing too much.


With weekly consultancy, we first helped the organisation build a basic web presence considering the low budgets. Once all the landing pages were set up, we set up social advertisements on facebook and instagram to drive traffic to these courses and generate enquiries. We did multiple ad campaigns in the span of 6 months.

Final Result

Artiste 360 is now a complete digital platform and offers regular online courses in various varieties. They were able to find the right combination of ads to get the maximum ROI and are completely independent with an in-house team now. Right advice is all it takes to get there!