Case Study of

How video marketing helped us improve our brand’s image

– Case Description

There was a shift in management and the university was shut due to covid. The new management decided it to be the right time to work on themselves.


Bad air associated with the previous management needed to be cleared and a new brand image had to be created of the university to gain back not only the trust of the existing students, faculty and parents but also attract new admissions for the 3 surrounding states.


In the 21st century, there is no better way to build or transform a brand image than Video Marketing. We decided to get on board the best of directors and team members to handle the project and build bulk of videos that help the university achieve the following:
1. Clear the air about previous management
2. Build a refined brand image to be able to cater to international tie-ups.
3. Display its campus and facilities to full potential
4. Attract new admissions

Final Result

We produced a stack of videos consisting of:
1. Management & Faculty interviews to clear the air
2. University overview to provide all information in a concise manner
3. Student & Campus life videos to attract students
4. Student interviews to bring out the reality and attract students from different ethnicities
5. Short video ads for social media, for the university to attract students in surrounding areas.