Case Study of

An effective strategy led to 8000 targeted followers on LinkedIn

– Case Description

The company wished to establish itself on linkedin with the simple goal of attracting more young talent.


JWIL is a B2G focussed organization working on projects which are not easy to understand, at first sight, the content had to be more digestible, also the company did not require a marketing department and hence lacked the skillset to execute or even strategize without external support or consultation.


Working from the ground up we not only worked on a LinkedIn strategy but also practiced regular consultations with the JWIL team to form a smooth process of knowledge transfer from the management and engineers in the organization to the marketing agency which worked as an input for the marketing department to form a content strategy for the brand.

Final Result

It took over a year to develop a smooth process and culture of effortless and secure information transfer and to form a sync between the JWIL team and the marketing team but the organization since then has gained over 8,000 followers on LinkedIn organically, grown its team size by over 100 heads and gained popularity within the industry experts. They have even seen a rise in the company’s iteration rates and have been consistently growing across India.