Case Study of

Achieved 1000 organic followers within 4 months on LinkedIn

– Case Description

A listed company operating for over 60 years and built upon classic business fundamentals, remained a shy organization in terms of public relations until now but finally started to feel the need to build awareness and catch up with the digital trends.


The organization employing over 3000 employees had no online presence other than its website, which was making it difficult for the organization to attract young talent.


Looking at the sector, Linkedin was the platform to focus on. In collaboration with the HR and marketing communication department, we focussed on content marketing over Linkedin to grow the brand organically. The content strategy focused on showcasing the company’s operations, values, achievements, and history to make an emotional connection with not only the industry experts but also the workforce.

Final Result

The organization has established itself on Linkedin and has gained over 1000 followers within the last 4 months without any investments in advertisements.