Digital Marketing Strategies for Hotels and Homestay Industry (2023)

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List your hotel on Google

On google my business you can list your business for free. It helps to bridge the gap between business owners and end users. 

Have a User Friendly and Mobile Optimized Website

Hotel website which showcases your amenities, your hotel location, your rooms, and everything else that your hotel is.

Use Local SEO to visible in Local search result

Performing a good SEO will rank your hotel higher on the search engines, thus giving you the visibility your hotel needs.

Use Facebook ads

Facebook Ads are the cheapest way to attract more guests. So, you can easily get more bookings through the platform by staying within your budget.

Master email marketing

1. Email marketing has larger reach. 2. Email marketing delivers your message. 3. Email marketing drives conversions. 4. Email marketing has a higher ROI

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