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How To Make Your Business Pinterest-ing

Pinterest is no less than a treat to the eyes of all creators out there. This visual gallery is a wide assortment of ideas and inspiration for one to browse through. If your business is providing the ideas, you got to make sure that they

Top digital marketing courses in India

The trend of digital marketing is increasing day by day just like the Indian population. With the growth in the digital marketing industry, the potential and the career opportunities in the field are also tremendously growing. Many students are moving towards the digital marketing bandwagon.

Digital marketing jobs you can try your hand on

With the extensive growth in the field of digital marketing, social media platforms and the advancement of technology, the career options in the area of digital marketing has witnessed strong growth. There are so many opportunities with great potential in the market. The wave of

How digital marketing impacts digital India

The wave of Digital India was started by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. His vision is to make India go digital adhering to the pace of technological advancement in the world. He has kept the younger generation in mind and is transforming the development accordingly. The

How to get a blue tick on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook

With the advent of social media and digital marketing today, everybody starting from a movie star, politician, brands and NGO’s are on social media with millions of followers. Since the platform is open to the public, it becomes difficult for differentiating between the original accounts

How to grow followers on Instagram

Instagram has become one of the fastest marketed social media platforms that have opened the gates to many digital career options and digital marketing jobs including an influencer, blogger, social media personality, online brands, meme pages and more. Instagram has reportedly over a billion monthly

How to spot fake followers on Instagram

The world of social media brings a lot of opportunities and business ideas. The platform is great for people to showcase their content and grow individually. But behind the virtual world of glitz and glamour, there are many loopholes that still need to be fixed.

How will Social media agency help your business

In the world of a competitive market, the advertising agencies are booming these days. Even though tons of business owners hire advertising agencies to handle their public relations, advertising needs, social media and more. There are many other business owners that hesitate in hiring the

Content Marketing and its importance

If you haven’t come across the term content marketing yet, chances are you are still living under a big old rock. Traditional marketing is becoming obsolete day after day. All the forward-thinking brands and marketers are now shifting towards the new age marketing- content marketing.