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Author: Yukta Kulkarni

How To Make Your Company Stand Out On LinkedIn?

Often social marketing strategies end up only focusing on Instagram and Facebook. An underutilized platform with a range of more than 562M active users and 100,000 new people joining every day, LinkedIn is one of the most effective marketing tools available.  A professional media, LinkedIn

How To Make Your Business Pinterest-ing

Pinterest is no less than a treat to the eyes of all creators out there. This visual gallery is a wide assortment of ideas and inspiration for one to browse through. If your business is providing the ideas, you got to make sure that they

How To Start A Podcast in 2021

We no longer have to rely on radio stations for recording and broadcasting, thanks to the prevalence of Podcasts. What started out as an independent way for individuals to express their messages to the world is now able to empower the community building of people

How To Create A YouTube Channel and Earn Money

Why Is YouTube a Promising Platform? YouTube constitutes for almost one-third of the internet, around 1.9 billion users logging in every month. That’s a lot of people.  More specifically it reaches out to people from a variety of demographics. With video production becoming cheaper and

What Are Google Penalties and How to Avoid them?

What exactly are Google Penalties? Google Penalties are a negative impact on a particular website which affects its ranking on the disobedience of certain guidelines.  Ranking factors determine search visibility but also penalties. Webmasters often manipulate algorithms to produce high page ranks. Over optimizing forces

How Big Is Amazon?

Today, Amazon has become an irreplaceable part of our lives. One of the giants of e-commerce, Amazon has spread its arms to affect almost every part of our lives. Known as an eminent economic and cultural influence on the world, it plays a huge role

Top 10 Digital Marketing Interview Q&A’s

The digital marketing industry is bursting with opportunities as it remains highly untapped by professionals. If you are applying for a job in the industry, you must understand that companies are looking for exceptional candidates who know what they are getting into and promise Here

How To Build A Sustainable Brand Post Pandemic 2020

What is a Sustainable Brand? A sustainable brand is one that is above mere money-making and aims at enhancing the wellbeing of humanity and the environment. It believes that humanity and economies can thrive only in a healthy environment and society for a long time.

The Tik Tok Fiasco

The history of Tik Tok and India has been a love-hate one. Just as we were entering the age of the latest social media platform Tik Tok, it’s controversies caught up with it.  Tik Tok was set to become an effective marketing platform, with its